The physical properties of the adhesive tape is introduced

by:YITAP     2020-08-01

kinds of adhesive tape products and diverse styles, we must not ignore the performance when the choose and buy, then we together to learn how to tape the physical properties of knowledge. First of all, tape high temperature resistant performance is a physical properties, it is very important when using not glue, so it is important to clear it is very convenient; Second is that it is the characteristics of high temperature resistant, can withstand 70 - Temperature between 320 degrees, multiple applications can also be subdivided. And tape voltage breakdown of resistance, resistance to voltage range, in 5 kw 50 kw, on its packaging won't affect product performance. At the same time its role is also very good corrosion resistance, can be as long as the pipeline corrosion protection, and acid and alkali resistance and antistatic properties, these are greatly prolong the service life of the tape.

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