The use of double-sided tape need to pay attention to

by:YITAP     2020-08-30

double-sided tape, they are widely used in our daily life is what we are very familiar with, and a common type of adhesive tape in the wholesale, so it is a paper, cloth, plastic film as the backing material.

before use, to look at the side of the double sided tape whether there is a wound knife phenomenon, the phenomenon of if there is a knife injury, may affect the normal use of double-sided tape. You also need to see type double side adhesive tape is not out of the side of the paper, whether be overwritten sundry, if any, needs to be cleared. And we are at the time of use, if the double-sided tape and found that both sides very dry, do not contain colloidal, this suggests that the tape has appeared quality problem, cannot continue to use.

for these aspects we should pay more attention, only to ensure that there is no problem, can really play the effect of the double-sided adhesive tape.

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