The use of warning tape

by:YITAP     2020-09-04
We in the choose and buy of adhesive tape of warning tape will have a certain understanding, so let's tape factory today for you to introduce the use of related features. Caution tape has the waterproof, moistureproof, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, antistatic wait for an advantage, it is mainly suitable for air pipe, water pipe, oil pipe on the underground of protection; It is sticky strong, but also can be used in common cement ground; Than that on the ground of stroke paint operation, use caution tape operation more simple; Marking tape can not only use in common ground, but also can also be used in the wooden floor, ceramic tile, marble, wall and machine. Here we tape manufacturer able to provide you with a variety of adhesive tape products, ensure the quality of your usage, we sincerely welcome you the presence.
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