The reason that affect aging in tape

by:YITAP     2020-08-23

the product of manufacturer of adhesive tape wholesale store after a period of time, there will be aging phenomenon, such as tape does not stick, the problem such as craze, affect the use effect, this is what reason is caused? The causes of ageing tape are multiple, one is the uv, uv with high temperature properties, so a quick differentiation viscous substances, if long time exposure in the sun, is very simple is aging, so if you want to make the tape delay aging will make tape from ultraviolet light. Metal, tape contains organic compound, it can attack and metal, and then lead to tape aging. Finally is plasticizer, the function of aging has the same tape. Followed by oxygen, because in the content of oxygen in the air is very big, it can accelerate the material characteristics of oxidation, activity is very big, so the faster the oxidation, aging the faster, more than in a condition to seal the tape.

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